Project 3 – Final Result

Looking back on this creative habit exercise, I have found it to be extremely beneficial to me. Writing a screenplay this time around, was more of an experimental process focusing on revision, rewriting, and expansion. Now obviously I don’t have the full screenplay finished, due to this only being a three week exercise as well as this screenplay being more of a full on feature film instead of a short film.

In order to properly present what I do have, I feel as if I should at least provide some background to what this story is and will end up being. So, let me start by giving a brief summary of what the story itself is…

The story focuses on a man by the name of Charlie Smith. One night, he witnesses an event that will change his life forever. His planet destroyed, his kind erased, he finds himself swept up in a galaxy bigger than he knew existed. His main goal: destroy the man who took everything from him… the infamous Lord Kronos.

To give some insight into what these characters sound/act like in my head when writing their dialogues and actions, here’s a reference point for each of the main character’s in the screenplay so far…

Charlie Smith:

  • Last human being in the galaxy
  • Scavenger/Smuggler
  • Fugitive of the I.C.A
  • Known across the galaxy as “the one who got away”


Lord Kronos:

  • Ancient Celestial being
  • Last of his kind
  • Ruthless tyrant
  • Focus on finding and eliminating Charlie Smith



  • Mentor to Charlie Smith
  • Junker
  • Weapon and tech designer

Attached below is the finalized version of the screenplay so far. I look forward to continuing to develop and explore this world that I’ve constructed, and the characters within it.

The Only One Script


Project 3 – WIP 3

Going into this week, I wanted to try and write some scenes that served as, what I call, “bridge scenes” between my introduction and Act 1 of the screenplay. In order to do so, I went about reading my past scenes that I wrote, and tried to find a way that I could write new scenes (not re-edit the existing scenes)  that could work nicely to branch the intro and Act 1 together.

I also wanted to try writing scenes with a new character being introduced into the narrative. To go about this, I thought about where my story is currently and where it could potentially go. I figure introducing a mentor character to Charlie would serve the storytelling purpose fittingly, but would also give me time to experiment with a new set of dialogue to write for this mentor character.

The results for both of these processes are as follows:

Looking back on my script as a whole, and the different components to screenwriting that I’m honing…I would say I’ve learned something new with every revision, re-write, and addition to this script. The first week I learned the importance of editing and revision, the second week I learned the importance of trying a new writing approach to the same part of a story. This week, I learned how to expand and build a universe to be even more contextually and narratively sound.

Project 3 – WIP 2

Going into this week, I knew that I wanted to focus on two things with my daily screenwriting exercises. The first thing being some revisions of dialogue on my already constructed scenes. The second thing being a re-write and additional new introduction to my screenplay.

In terms of dialogue revisions, it was fairly quick and simple. All I really did was re-work some of the one-liners and awkward sentence structure in a few places. Here’s an example of one of my tweaked scene revisions focusing on dialogue:Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 2.29.26 PM.png

Basically, I re-worked the dialogue to be more natural, as well as seemingly more fluid.

In terms of a re-written and additional introduction to this screenplay, that was the more challenging, time consuming, yet fun part. When I read over my original scenes, I realized that I didn’t want my screenplay to just throw the main character at you without any background or indication of who or why he’s important. So, I figured i would focus on writing scenes that served more as a brief origin/introduction to the main character of Charlie. I wanted to create scenes that explained how this human even ended up in space in the first place. I also wanted to give the reader an idea of what this character has been through. the results are as follow:

I really like this introduction much more than my other introduction scenes. I’ll still be keeping my old scenes, however they will be moved further into the script instead. In the coming weeks, I hope to further the story and try new scene configurations and edits as I experiment and find out which ones move the story forward the best.

Project 3 – WIP 1

Throughout this week, I was able to work and re-work the first three scenes of my screenplay. I started by trying to first come up with an opening scene. I wanted to write a scene that jumped right into the story, but I am open to trying out different opening scenes. I actually do plan on re-writing another opening scene in the coming week, and seeing which one works better for an opening scene. The current version of my script is attached below:

The Only One Script

Some screenshots:

To save some time, here’s a brief summary/overview of the scenes I’ve constructed so far.

The screenplay starts off with an opening scene of the main character Charlie involved in a prison yard fight with a large alien prisoner. The alien prisoner is furious at Charlie and attempts to kill him, but Charlie fights back. the fight is broken up but he prison security guards, and Charlie is then escorted to the Warden. The Warden tells Charlie that because of his frequent involvement in prison fights and antagonizing the other prisoners, he will be transferred to solitary confinement immediately.

The story will be furthered and potentially reworked in the coming weeks…stay tuned.

Project 3 – Proposal

For this third project, I am planning on branching away from my major in photography, and I plan on creating something more written than visual. Before I state what I plan on doing for this project, I think it’s best if I give some context and background to my idea first.

Back in my Freshman year of college, I took a Visual Literacy 2 class. One of the projects for that class was to create a fictional environment. At first I had no idea what I was going to do for the project, but soon I became hooked on the idea of developing some kind of space/sci-fi planet. Quickly after I had the planet designed, I figured that I needed to give the planet SOME form of life…this eventually led to me doing something I have always wanted to do…developing my very own comic book character. I designed his wardrobe, weapons, gadgets and sat down to write him a backstory. Granted, I’m no illustrator, but I did the best I could to visually get my thoughts and ideas down onto paper.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 12.49.07 PMAs i was writing his backstory, I started to write an entire world filled with characters and creatures. I had developed a whole universe all from my brain. I have always wanted to actually write a screenplay or story about this character and this universe that I have created, but I never really found the time or excuse to do it…until now.

For this project, I plan on writing a scene/chapter a day that will eventually build up and accumulate into a giant script or story about this character and the universe he lives in. Im approaching this story as if it’s the first movie or book in a trilogy. So it will be a contained story, but I may leave it open for continuation in the future.

Pipeline Project – Final Update

To finish up this project, our group decided to go back an re-evaluate the look and tone of our calendar. We took Crystal’s advice and brainstormed ways to make the design of our calendar feel more unique, and for the tone of our calendar to feel whimsical. We started by simplifying the week layout. The result is as follows:Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 1.53.37 PM

Next, we re-did the calendar photographs and added corresponding symbols that went with the major being represented. The result is as follows:Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 1.53.46 PM.png

We also added a key to help the viewer interpret the symbols for each major.Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 1.55.09 PM.png

The final result of our calendar through the combined efforts of the shooting team, the design team, and the production team turned out to be something that we are all proud of. It’s a big change from what we originally planned, but we went with the changes and faced the obstacles head on.Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 1.54.18 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-06 at 1.55.22 PM.png

Pipeline Project – Progress Update 4

Returning from spring break, our group faced a bit of challenges. First off, while we were still fighting an uphill battle with the new direction we had to take our project in, we were significantly behind in the photography department. We only had 3 of the photographs done, and the deadline for the rough cut was fast approaching. Basically, we had 2 days to finish all of the photographs, decide on a design template, and maintain the documentary.

Our first step was for the design team to collaborate together and finally lock down a design template for us to use on this calendar. What the design team came up with is as follows:Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 1.24.24 PM.png

Next, the shooting team went and shot a good portion of the remaining photographs on Tuesday. The results are as follow:Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 1.24.37 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-30 at 1.24.06 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-30 at 1.24.58 PM


On Wednesday, our Director Danny finished up the rest of the photographs on his own.

Looking at approaching the end of this project, our team is in a bit of a scramble, and I feel like our original vision has been compromised a bit more than desired due to timing and scheduling. However, overall we are all keeping our heads up and spirits high as we work through these obstacles together.

Pipeline Project – Progress Update 3

This week, the 2018 CCAD Calendar project went through quite a bit of changes…

First up, the rest of the shooting team and I met last Saturday morning for our first photoshoot. We had originally planned to photograph the Fine Arts and Fashion majors that day, however our model for Fashion fell through, so we just photographed Fine Arts instead. After a bit of location scouting, we finally landed on our location which was our Fine Art model’s studio space. The shoot went smoothly, but the result was not what we all had really hoped for or expected. This was the final image:

Fine Arts.jpg

While the image isn’t terrible, it’s not what we had envisioned this calendar to look like. So, as a team, we decided to shift the project in a slightly different approach.

We met as a team on Tuesday and discussed the issues that the project was running into, the main issues being:

  1. Models were falling through too frequently and not being able to do the photoshoot days
  2. We needed to dial back the scope, seeing as how the semester was only going to get crazier with people’s schedules, so relying on 12 other students to show up on time is a risky bet.

We have now decided to focus our calendar on the studio spaces/locations/environments of the 12 majors, rather than the artists themselves. So for example, the photo major image would be of a photographer’s studio with us dressing up the set to still have a satirical spin on it. The photo studio image may look something like this:


Or, for animation, we might photograph the cintiq lab and display the artist’s artwork on different cintiqs. Ultimately, we want there to be a sense of the artist’s hand in their respective studio space.

This new approach focusing more on setting and location is easier in regards to coordination, but will force us to focus more on how we go about accurately reflecting each major through set design.

Pipeline Project – Progress Update 2

This week’s goals for the 2018 CCAD Calendar were as follows:

  • Come up with a name for the project and group
  • Figure out which major would go with which month in the calendar
  • Brainstorm a few concepts for the on-location photographs

First up, we as a team came up with the name “12 Months and Counting” for our production company. In regards to the calendar itself, we are sticking to the simplicity of “2018 Columbus College of Art and Design Calendar”.

Next, Damien and I sat down and brainstormed which majors would make sense with which month. What we came up with follows:

January: Art History (OL)

Why?: January is Art Appreciation Month


February: Jewelry/Craft (Studio)

Why?: Valentine’s Day


March: Photography (OL)

Why?: Warmer month suitable for outdoor photography


April: Illustration (Studio)


May: Fashion (OL)

Why?: Able to wear more fun and fancy outfits as it gets warmer out/CCAD fashion show


June: Cinematography (Studio)

Why?: Start of blockbuster movie season


July: Industrial Design (OL)

Why?: Hot month right in middle of summer


August: Fine Arts (OL)


September: Animation (OL)


October: Comics (Studio)

Why?: Focuses on fictional characters and costumes, Halloween


November: Interior Design (OL)

Why?: Inside a house for Thanksgiving/family


December: Ad Graph (Studio)

Why?: Most commercialized month focusing on brands, logos, designs trying to sell you things, Christmas


Lastly, the concept pitches for the on-location photographs were perhaps the toughest part for me. The ones I came up with, I’m not too certain about. There’s only one or two that I could think of that possibly sound do-able to me. However, I’ll be seeing what the rest of the group came up and we as a group will decide from there what our best options are.

Pipeline Project – Progress Update 1

The project that I decided to be a part of, is the production of a 2018 CCAD calendar. With Daniel McCallum as the Director of this project, I found myself opting to be a part of the shooting team. The shooting team is responsible for any and all photography components involved with producing this calendar. Seeing as how I am a photography major, I find this role to be a good fit for me. My specific role in this project will be to assist Danny on photoshoot days, both in the studio and on location.

My first task to accomplish for this week, was to find some reference images of both studio photography and on location photography. This was so we could reference the lighting and composition techniques used and potentially incorporate those styles into our own photo shoots. Some of the inspiration images that I found for studio lighting and composition are shown below:268A4997-Modifica.jpgnikita-arkan-benediktov-male-model-scene-06

Then, I did some research on outdoor photography to see what we could potentially do for outdoor lighting and composition. The images that I found are shown below:2665d5c73f55106f1cfd315041789efa.jpga3b3fca7e249594757c419d1851adca5.jpg

Ultimately I think these references of lighting, composition, and tone will give us a good starting point to start brainstorming concepts and lighting methods for each of our models in the calendar.